Haunted Hues

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Haunted Hues

A spook-tacular costume goes from head to toe--- make sure your mineral makeup matches your Halloween getup.

Witchy Woman
Orglamix eyeshadow Absinthe has just the right amount of shimmer to suggest a hint of enchantment.

Ghost Story
Boo! You may not opt for a white sheet with eyeholes, but you can convey that same special esthetic with Orglamix eyeshadow in Marshmallow.  And should you don the traditional beeding look, you'll have eyes to match!

Restless Spirits
For a deep black with spectacular haunt appeal, checkout Midnight... because once the sun goes down, all bets are off.

If the festive scent of pumpkin makes you pine for shades of orange, paint on Orglamix eyeshadow in Mandarin

Lady is a Vampire
To complement your cloak and fangs, let your teeth sink into Orglamix eyeshadow in Sangria. The deep maroon shade is any blood-sucker's dream.

Eerie Lights
With a dash of glow-in-the-dark Glow Glitter Pigment from Orglamix, your eyes will play host to two floating orbs in the dead of night. Talk about special effects.

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