Cool, Warm or Neutral: Understanding Skin Tones + Undertones

Let Your Natural Beauty Shine Through! Understanding skin tone is the key to choosing the right makeup colors-- especially foundation, blush, bronzer and glows. Skin tone is made up of an undertone and a surface color. In addition to having unique color intensity or depth that ranges from pale, almost white to deep mocha depending on your individual complexion as well as favoring an undertone coloring: cool, warm or neutral. The best makeup shades will match both the color depth and undertone for your skin tone, for a glowing, natural radiant complexion.

Skin Undertone
The first step to selecting a makeup color is to evaluate skin undertone as warm, cool, or neutral. An undertone is sometimes confused for a skin tone, but it's not the same thing. An undertone is the color that lies beneath the skin. It is almost like a shadow below your skin color. While your skin tone can change, your  undertone never does. Cool undertones contain more blue and are seen in choices such as pink and plum. Neutral undertones are balanced between yellow and blue and are the most versatile. People with a neutral undertone often look best in colors labeled 'neutral' or 'natural'.  Warm undertones have a yellow base and are compatible with warm colors like peach, orange, and bronze.

Although a professional color consultation is best, there are several quick ways to determine undertone. One method is to see whether gold or silver is the most flattering. Warm tones look better in gold while cool skin is vibrant in silver. People with neutral skin can usually wear either one. Alternatively, choose warm, cool, and neutral shades of the same color intensity and try them on the skin of the inner arm. For example, compare a cool pink, warm peach, and neutral peachy pink.

Are You Cool, Warm or Neutral?


Cool Color Collection
Skin Color:  blue, pink skin undertones
Eye Color: blue, violet, grey
Hair Color: blonde, brunette


Warm Color Collection
Skin Color:  yellow, orange skin undertones
Eye Color: brown, green, hazel
Hair Color: brunette, red, blonde


Neutral Color Collection
Skin Color:  fair or light pink, olive, yellow skin undertones
Eye Color: all
Hair Color: all

Luckily, we've taken the guesswork out of finding the best mineral makeup, Orglamix Get Started makeup kits are convenient and customized according to skin tone and undertone; so you can go ahead and flaunt your flawless face, luscious lashes and just kissed lips.

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Still uncertain? Fill out this two minute virtual makeover questionnaire (or send us a pic) and one of our lovely makeup artists can recommend the best mineral makeup options for you.