How to Use Mineral Foundation


 How to Apply Mineral Foundation + Mineral Powder + Mineral Makeup

What is the best way to apply mineral foundation?

Tap + Swirl + Tap Tap.  Applying mineral foundation is easy once you get the hang of it. Simply tap a small amount of mineral foundation into the lid. Swirl a kabuki or mineral powder brush in the lid to remove any excess. Apply in a circular motion. Start application at the outside of the cheekbone, moving toward the nose and then back. Continue from cheekbone downward to jawline and back. Follow along the side of the face, to forehead and down the nose. Repeat for more coverage.


How do I find my right shade of mineral foundation?

Try a few shades on your face in between the jaw line and cheekbone, and then blend. The shade that virtually disappears is the shade for you. Also consider a foundation wardrobe for the seasons: one for fall/winter (when you may be paler) and a different shade for spring/summer (since you may have a tan) go for a shade slightly deeper than your skin tone. Not sure which foundation shade is best for you? click here

Once you've decided which mineral foundation color to use, mineral foundation application is easy as 1-2-3. Still uncertain on foundation application? One of our lovely makeup artists will be happy to assist you.