8 Makeup Brush Cleaning Do's + Don'ts

Makeup brushes are an essential part of great makeup application; but unfortunately, if you do not clean your brushes regularly, they can be carriers for some pretty scary things.

Bacteria from dirty makeup brushes can lead to breakouts, cold sores, pink eye and even infection. Eew, gross! Make sure to keep ‘em clean by using brush cleanser and by washing them about every two weeks with either a baby shampoo or gentle face wash.

Spring clean your makeup brushes.  

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that sometimes a thorough scrub, soak or cleanse is desperately needed.

Here are a few tip + tricks to clean, organize, and tidy up your makeup brushes.

First let's take a look at the Dos and Dont's of makeup brush cleaning.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Do's

  • Do wash your brushes at least every 2weeks to avoid bacteria build up.
  • Do use a gentle shampoo (such as baby shampoo) to deep clean your brushes.
  • Do clean your brushes after each use with brush cleaner when working with clients.
  • Do gently re-mold each brush into it’s original shape if necessary.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Don'ts

  • Don’t completely submerge your brushes in water. This can cause the wood to swell and crack. It can also loosen the glue that holds the brushes in place.
  • Don’t dry your brushes upright. This can trap water in the base of the brush which can cause rotting of the wood. Lay them flat to dry.
  • Don’t allow water to enter the barrel of the handle. Water trapped in the barrel can rot the adhesive, leading to an unpleasant odor and brush hair loss.
  • Don’t squeeze the bristles dry as this can alter the shape of the brush.

Cleaning your brushes is a crucial step towards clean, healthy skin. When we apply our makeup with brushes, the oils from the face get in between the bristles and can generate bacteria growth and germs.

Keeping your brushes clean --especially your foundation brush-- will reduce your chances of break-outs and increase your chances of clearer skin!

Here are our best tips on
how to clean makeup brushes.