How to Use Mineral Concealer + Corrector

What is the best way to apply mineral concealer?

Always moisturize before applying concealer. If using an eye cream, choose a light one that will absorb quickly. Then apply with either a concealer brush or ring finger (least amount of pressure) for optimal blending. Pat in gentle motions, rather than rubbing. To lock concealer into place use a powder.


How do I find my right shade of mineral concealer?

For under eyes, it's best to choose a shade lighter. For dark undereye area a yellow tone will brighten any undereye circles. The yellow undertone will counteract the blue-ish dark circles. For face choose a shade closest to skin tone, similar to choosing a foundation shade, pick the shade that after blending virtually disappears on skin. Not sure which foundation shade is best for you? click here

How do I find my right shade of mineral corrector?

There are flesh tones, which are hard enough to match as it is, and then brighter hues in a rainbow of greens, pinks, and yellows. Finding the perfect shade of mineral corrector isn't rocket science, but it can be confusing. Just think of the color wheel and you'll be on your way to correction perfection. |
Here's our cheat sheet to finding the best shade of mineral corrector:

  • Pink Mineral Corrector
    A pink concealer / corrector erases signs of of stress, fatigue and tired eyes
  • Peach Mineral Corrector
    A peach concealer / corrector adds natural luminosity, works wonders on bruises and camouflages fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Yellow Mineral Corrector
    A yellow concealer / corrector hides discoloration on your eyelids, lightens and brightens complexions and counteracts blue-ish dark circles
  • Mint Mineral Corrector
    A mint concealer / corrector neutralizes redness, great for blemishes, broken capillaries, and ideal for skin with rosacea
  • Blue Mineral Corrector
    A blue concealer / corrector neutralizes neutralizes orange, great for when you over due the self-tanner or bronzer
  • Purple Mineral Corrector
    A purple concealer / corrector banishes under-eye circles, erases dark spots (like sun exposure, dark patches, age spots, acne scars) and counteracts sallow undertones

How do I apply mineral corrector?

If you need more than one hue to complete your look, no problem. You can use multiple colors and target the necessary area to brighten under eyes, to correct redness on lids, or to blend shades together to perfectly hide discoloration. It's powder, so it mixes with the warmth of your skin, leaving you with smooth, sheer coverage. Use these bright hues to correct the color and then cover it with your foundation.  Mineral corrector is meant to be worn under makeup. Go light when you're layering over a corrector because you don't want the end product to look too thick, especially around your eyes.


Once you've decided which mineral concealer or mineral corrector color to use, application is easy as 1-2-3. Still uncertain on concealer + corrector application? One of our lovely makeup artists will be happy to assist you.