How To Use Mineral Eyeshadow

For starters mineral eyeshadow will come in a small jar usually with a sifter. The sifter is there so only a little bit of mineral eyeshadow is available at one time-- a little goes a long way. When you buy a jar there will be a sticker that covers the little holes in the sifter just remove it the first time you want to apply it.

If you've never worked with mineral eyeshadow there are a tips and trick to applying it. There are a few makeup brushes that work really well with mineral eyeshadow, depending on the type of application. Don’t worry it’s easy to apply once you have the hang of it.

Mineral eyeshadow work best with a base or primer of some type -- liquid or cream. There are a few really good makeup bases or primers depending on the brand. Orglamix watercolor primer works well because not only can you use it on your eye lid to keep your makeup in place you can also use it on your face to help your foundation stay as well. Who doesn’t love a mulit-tasker?

To apply mineral eyeshadow, take a little bit on the makeup brush and tap a little back on to the lid of the jar. A small amount of mineral eyeshadow on the brush goes a long way. Then with the flat side of the makeup brush, lightly pat the color onto your eye lid. With a little experimentation, you'll see some colors have more pigment than others, so test each color on the back of your hand so you know what to expect.

The best tip for applying mineral eyeshadow

Mineral makeup beginners will try and swipe it on like you would if using pressed eye-shadows. This will not work for loose mineral eyeshadow--as it will end up all over your face as well as your eye lid. The best tip ever for applying mineral eyeshadow is to just pat your color on -- in layers-- adding more color as desired. When it’s time to blend then you wipe, but not back and forth like window wipers, you get it muddied up. You blend it going from the inner eye to the outer eye lid. Blending it so there is no lines that show one color to the next unless that is the look you are going for.

What is the best way to apply mineral eyeshadow?

Typically with mineral eyeshadows, you apply the midtone shade on the lid as a base first, then apply the darkest shade, over the midtone shade in the crease to contour and add the lightest shade on the browbone to highlight. Play around with it, as it takes a little bit of working with mineral eyeshadow to get to used to how to apply it. Once you have applied your second color you a wipe it a little bit to blend the colors, you don’t want strips of color you want one color to flow into the next. Don’t forget you want to go with colors that complement each other.

What is the best brush to apply mineral eyeshadow?

The right tools really do make a difference when it comes to applying mineral eyeshadow.  It all depends on the finished result, classic and controlled, sexy and smoldering eye or everything in between. We've listed our best-selling eyeliner brushes: Eco Chic Eyeshadow Brush , Smokey Eye Pencil Brush + Eco Chic Crease Brush.

  • Bent Eyeliner Brush for Classic + Controlled Mineral Eyeliner
    The angled ferrule (the brass part between the handle and the bristles) arches toward your eye, making it a cinch for you to apply liner on yourself. The bent tip keeps your hands and fingers free from getting in the way, allowing you to concentrate on precise application. The extra fine, firm bristles allow for for extremely precise, controlled and dense application along the lashline. The synthetic taklon fibers allow you to use this brush with all types of liners to create everything fro a classic eyeliner look to a cat eye look.

    How to Use Bent Eyeliner Brush to Apply Eyeliner
    Place tip towards the inner most corner of the eye and use small, feathered strokes towards the outer corner.

  • Smokey Eye Pencil Brush for Sexy + Smoldering Mineral Eyeliner 
    This contoured, cone-shaped eyeliner brush can be used to create the perfect smoky eye, working equally well on the upper and lower lash lines. A tapered, bullet-tip densly packed bristles is especially useful for creating a smoky effect. It can be used with creams, as well as loose and pressed powders.

    How to Use Smokey Eye Pencil Brush to Apply Eyeliner:
    Get a smokey line by blending liner out with smudger tip. Use the tip of the brush for a classic thin line or apply pressure to smudge along the lash line.  Use the side of the brush to build color and smoke out the eye. You can also apply a similar shade of shadow over eye liner to soften the line.

  • Pro Flat Line Brush for Easy Mineral Eyeliner 
    This flat, thin tip brush enables precision lines and fast, flawless application of eyeliner for instant definition. The straight blunt cut provides full-color intensity for smooth, even application and consistency. Use with powder, liquid or cream products for a flawless lined eye.

    How to Use Pro Flat Line Brush to Apply Eyeliner:
    Line the eye by dotting eye color across the lash line with this synthetic brush. To soften the line, brush upward.

What is the best way to correct mineral eyeshadow mistakes?

Easily correct eyeshadow mistakes with a cotton swab and a little water or makeup remover. Cotton swabs are perfect for spot correcting smudges or smears around the eye area without disturbing the rest of your make up. Don't fret, mistakes happen.


The easiest way to wear more than one shade of mineral eyeshadow

If you're not use to wearing several shades of mineral eyeshadow at once, try this simple, yet seductive look. Try using one shade of mineral eyeshadow mixed with white. Mix one part white + one part any color and apply the medium toned eyeshadow from the lash line to just above the crease. Use the color alone (no white), the darkest shade near the lash line. Mix 2 parts white + one part any color + apply the lightest one all over the lid. 

7 simple steps to achieve the perfect smokey eye with mineral eyeshadow

First choose the correct palette for your eye color then apply the shadows above from the darkest to the lightest. Start with the deepest shade at the lash line and blend upwards, then use the medium accent shade just above the crease and finally use the lightest shade at the brow bone and in corners of eyes to highlight. 

  1. Pick a multi-tonal eye-shadow palette. Prime your lid by patting on regular foundation — it'll form a base for your makeup to stick to.
  2. Dip the tip of a dampened makeup brush into the darkest shadow, and draw a line across your upper and lower lash lines.
  3. Before the shadow dries, look up and blink—this marks a line on your skin in the creases, which you'll want to fill up to with your contouring, medium shadow.
  4. Rub the lightest, softest color in your palette above the creases and up to the brow bones to highlight.
  5. Sweep the light, pearly shadow around the corners of your eyes to make them seem larger. You can even dust a little under your lower lashes to offset dark circles.
  6. Trace on one last layer of the darkest color as liner, and smudge it with your finger or a cotton swab for a blurred effect.
  7. For extra oomph, curl your lashes, and coat on the deepest, darkest mascara you can find.

It's that easy! The key to perfect smokey eyes is to blend, blend, blend! Blending creates that perfect gradation so shadows never look streaky.

How to get a foiled eye with mineral eyeshadow

Foiling is a unique technique created by makeup artists that involves applying mineral eyeshadow shades wet for a brilliant, high-sheen effect. With an exciting assortment of loose, mineral eye colors, Orglamix provides endless imagination. You can transform any of our highly concentrated 100% natural, pure mineral eyeshadows into colorful, new creations in a wink. It's simple to create your own unique, full and intensely bright, one-of-a-kind color eyeshadows at your fancy.

Follow these simple steps to get a foiled eye:

  1. Loose Eyeshadow
    Start with a bit of loose color - eyeshadow or pigment - both work equally well. Place a bit of color on a lid or in another suitable, empty container, jar or palette.
  2. Water or Mixing Medium
    Next dampen brush with a few drops of water or mixing medium. Less is more; you do not need a lot of liquid. Using a mixing medium adds maximum blendability, adherence and hold, so your eyeliner will stay on all day.  Dip the damp brush into eye color. The minerals will cling to the brush. Swirl the brush in the jar lid to create a creamy paste. To avoid cross contamination, do not dip wet makeup brush directly into your jar of eyeshadow or pigment. 
  3. Apply
    Using the flat side of the curved brush end, buff the paste all over the eyelid from lash line to crease. Let the layer dry completely before next application of color.  To foil the crease, wet the pointed end of the the makeup brush, make a paste using a different eyecolor and buff back and forth into the crease contour. To line eyes buff a line of color along the lash lines from end to end. If using more than one color, let the layer dry completely before next application of color.

Once you've decided which mineral eyeshadow colors to use, eyeshadow application is easy as 1-2-3. Not sure which mineral eyeshadow are best for your eyes? The Orglamix Get the Look mineral eyeshadow kits provide great color inspiration from classic and chic eye looks to bohemian and whimsical glances to striking avant garde stares. Still uncertain on eyeshadow application? One of our lovely makeup artists will be happy to assist you.