How to Use Mineral Eyeliner

Learning to use mineral eyeliner is a little like learning to ride a bicycle. It may take a little practice, but it's well worth the effort. We've complied our best tips and tricks for applying mineral eyeliner.

What is the best way to apply mineral eyeliner?

Apply closest to the lashline working from inner to outer corners. Try small feathering strokes or tiny connecting dots until you get a steady hand. Having the correct tool is imperative for applying mineral eyeliner. Try extending the line beyond the corners of eyes slightly to get a flirty cat eye look.

What is the best brush to apply mineral eyeliner?

The right tools really do make a difference when it comes to applying mineral eyeliner.  It all depends on the finished result, classic and controlled, sexy and smoldering eye or everything in between. We've listed our best-selling eyeliner brushes: Eco Chic Bent Eyeliner Brush , Smokey Eye Pencil Brush + Pro Flat Line Brush.

  • Bent Eyeliner Brush for Classic + Controlled Mineral Eyeliner
    The angled ferrule (the brass part between the handle and the bristles) arches toward your eye, making it a cinch for you to apply liner on yourself. The bent tip keeps your hands and fingers free from getting in the way, allowing you to concentrate on precise application. The extra fine, firm bristles allow for for extremely precise, controlled and dense application along the lashline. The synthetic taklon fibers allow you to use this brush with all types of liners to create everything fro a classic eyeliner look to a cat eye look.

    How to Use Bent Eyeliner Brush to Apply Eyeliner
    Place tip towards the inner most corner of the eye and use small, feathered strokes towards the outer corner.

  • Smokey Eye Pencil Brush for Sexy + Smoldering Mineral Eyeliner 
    This contoured, cone-shaped eyeliner brush can be used to create the perfect smoky eye, working equally well on the upper and lower lash lines. A tapered, bullet-tip densly packed bristles is especially useful for creating a smoky effect. It can be used with creams, as well as loose and pressed powders.

    How to Use Smokey Eye Pencil Brush to Apply Eyeliner:
    Get a smokey line by blending liner out with smudger tip. Use the tip of the brush for a classic thin line or apply pressure to smudge along the lash line.  Use the side of the brush to build color and smoke out the eye. You can also apply a similar shade of shadow over eye liner to soften the line.

  • Pro Flat Line Brush for Easy Mineral Eyeliner 
    This flat, thin tip brush enables precision lines and fast, flawless application of eyeliner for instant definition. The straight blunt cut provides full-color intensity for smooth, even application and consistency. Use with powder, liquid or cream products for a flawless lined eye.

    How to Use Pro Flat Line Brush to Apply Eyeliner:
    Line the eye by dotting eye color across the lash line with this synthetic brush. To soften the line, brush upward.

What is the best way to correct mineral eyeliner mistakes?

Easily correct eyeliner mistakes with a cotton swab and a little water or makeup remover. Cotton swabs are perfect for spot correcting smudges or smears around the eye area without disturbing the rest of your make up. Don't fret, mistakes happen.


How to transform eyeshadow into colorful eyeliner?

With an exciting assortment of loose pigments for eyes, Orglamix provides endless imagination. You can transform any of our highly concentrated 100% natural, pure mineral eyeshadows into eyeliner in a wink. It's simple to create your own unique, full and intensely bright, one-of-a-kind color eyeliners at your fancy.

Follow these simple steps to transform eyeshadow into eyeliner:


  1. Loose Eyeshadow
    Start with a bit of loose color - eyeshadow or pigment - both work well. Place a bit of color on a lid or in another suitable, empty container, jar or palette.
  2. Water or Mixing Medium
    Next dampen brush with a few drops of water or mixing medium. Less is more; you do not need a lot of liquid. Using a mixing medium adds maximum blendability, adherence and hold, so your eyeliner will stay on all day.  Dip the damp brush into eye color. The minerals will cling to the brush. Swirl the brush in the jar lid to create a creamy paste. To avoid cross contamination, do not dip wet makeup brush directly into your jar of eyeshadow or pigment. 
  3. Apply
    To line eyes buff a line of color along the lash lines from end to end. If using more than one color, let the layer dry completely before next application of color.

Once you've decided which colors to use, mineral eyeliner application is easy as 1-2-3. Not sure which mineral eyeliner colors are best for your eyes? Here are some eye liner suggestions for your eye color. Still uncertain on liner application? One of our lovely makeup artists will be happy to assist you.