Our Founder

Cheri Tracy, Founder and MOM CEO, Orglamix
Cheri is a wife to her high school sweetheart and a work-at-home mother of two little girls, a blue and gold macaw, a black lab, a rescue pup, two tiny turtles and one Fiddler crab named Bubbles (who was only supposed to live a few weeks, fast forward 3 years) -- all of whom she adores. Much to their delight, you can meet them on Instagram. They live a blessed life in a house nestled not far from the shores of Lake Michigan, just outside of the Windy city. 

A self proclaimed ‘product junkie’, Cheri started out collecting and testing cosmetics at an early age. From her humble beginnings as the president of the Lip Smacker Club in the first grade to her present position, she has an insatiable appetite all things beauty related. She has over 25 years experience in many facets of the beauty industry. She’s always in search of the latest and greatest beauty treatments, healthy ingredients and up and coming fragrance notes.

A "constant crafter" who "loves color," Cheri started sharing pictures over social media of products she'd made herself, to which she received a flood of questions, primarily: 'Where can I get that?' Cheri would respond with diy recipes and tricks and tips, but the real answer was that it took a lot of time: Creating new products typically meant hours spent poring over fashion + beauty magazines and Pinterest, "surfing and curating", then mixing and matching hard-to-find ingredients to find the best blend. Why, she often wondered, wasn't there a site where she could find all the beauty items she needed in one place?

Judging from the outpouring of responses she received, it quickly became evident that a lot of moms didn't want to hassle creating products, yet wanted healthy, hand crafted cosmetics: "It was incredible to see that there were so many moms out there like me."

"I’m passionate about making healthy, cruelty-free products with minimal ingredients that deliver real results. I'm also committed to keeping prices affordable so moms do not have to feel guilty about purchasing my products" says Cheri.

Motherhood has twenty-four-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week responsibilities. There are no designated days off, vacation time doesn't seem to be addressed in the job contract either. "If we don't take some time for ourselves, if we don't arrange for a day off here or there or if we don't take a few minutes for ourselves everyday, we will find ourselves in a rut, that is difficult to climb out of"." says Cheri.

In her spare time, Cheri enjoys doing projects with her daughters, goofing around with her husband and all things mom + entrepreneur = mompreneur. She's a crafter at heart, color lover, sweats shimmer + sparkle, fascinated with essential oils, obsessed with Halloween (including a full-fledged miniature village), loves anything + everything DIY, fairy gardens, making homemade limoncello and cooking for her family -- in that order.

She blogs about balancing life as a mother to two young kids and running her online cosmetics  business. Feel free to contact Cheri directly at cheri@orglamix.com