Glitter | Cosmetic Glitter

Glitter just got a makeover! Life wouldn't sparkle the same without glitter. Our lightweight, fine particles of bright light add instant glamour to any type of makeup—on the face or body. A little bit goes a long way. Let your creativity be your inspiration; and mix it up with Orglamix Glam Glitter.

Orglamix Glitter Pigment is available in four sizes:

M1 Micro Glitter

The smallest possible glitter at .002 x .002 (50 microns) particle size. It provides exceptional brilliance and a refined appearance.

M2 Small Glitter

Half the size of M3 at .004 x .004 (100 microns) particle size. It provides a exceptional brilliance and a velvety sparkle appearance.

M3 Medium Glitter

Approximately 1/4 the size of regular craft glitter, Orglamix .008 x .008 (200 microns), M3 Glitter is our most popular cosmetic glitter with endless varieties to spark your imagination.

M4  Large Glitter

This is the flake size that has been used for years; and become the industry standard. It is cut at .015 x .015 (375 microns); and known for its intensity, brilliance and flash.

Orglamix Glitter Pigment is available in five finishes:

L : Lustre Glitter

Our most popular finish! Our translucent glitter base with a sparkling surface for a multi-dimensional iridescent effect. The color shifting effect changes at every angle that the glitter is viewed. Use alone; or as a top-coat over any base color (the darker the base the more dramatic the effect).

S : Shimmer Glitter

For a delectable glow, fancy up with these luminizing shades. A mix of finishes, from matte to metallic, these glitters are super versatile and seriously cool. These glitters feature a soft, pastel satin finish; and possess both opaque and transparent qualities for a delightful shimmering sheen.

E : Electric Glitter

A variety of colors marked by elements of excitement and surprise. Fresh, clear, incredibly vibrant color with a very bright finish. These neon glitters glow when exposed to black light.

M : Metallic Glitter

Opaque, velvety color.  Amazingly velvety texture; rich, dense and decadent color; smooth, uniform glitter distribution and blendability; and long-lasting, crease-free wear. This super-rich, luxe formula provides a more subtle, non-iridescent sparkle.

H : Hologram Glitter

Intense, spectacular prismatic special effect. Orglamix hologram glitter delivers brilliant color, an easy-blending formula, and endless versatility that will revolutionize your eye-makeup outlook and deliver show-stopping effects.

Example:  When you see on our site, Sweet Child O' Mine is marked: M2L, You'll know it's a micro glitter with lustre finish.
Got it? Good! Any questions, email us. xx

Glitter Glaze
Our all-natural liquid adhesive. Get noticed with Glitter Glaze, a sparkling top coat that can be worn two ways. The starry-eyed formula adheres on contact and dries quickly, so it can be layered over your favorite shadow for a brilliant flash of metallic color or worn alone for an intense, eye-catching shimmer.

What makes Orglamix Glitter Pigment different?

Shine on! What is more important-- quality or price? Glam Glitter Pigment offers both --the best brilliantly colored particles on the market because our clients, many professional makeup artists deserve and demand the absolute best glitter at a great price. Our passionate approach to sparkle is a unique combination of precision crafting, finishing and cutting edge colors that makes our glitter different -- and amazing!

Orglamix cosmetic glitter is precision cut glitter particles consisting of cosmetic grade pigmented aluminized Polyethylene Terephthalate. Our 001 (25 micron) thickness and the optimum sizes (four in all) allow for precise application, shimmer, sparkle and wear. Orglamix has the largest selection of mufti-dimensional, colors and finishes (opaque, pearlescent, transparent, neon, glow in the dark / blacklight, metallic, holographic, iridescent, opalescent, lustre) of cosmetic glitters in the world. From eye popping fuchsia to go-go greens and crystal silver to precious gold, these colors are certified party-perfect. Orglamix truly has something for every glitter aficionado! We invite you to experience the Orglamix difference today.

You will receive a  10 gram jar with a sealed sifter.
INCL: Polyethylene Terephthalate

Please Note: The FDA has determined that glitter is a color additive which is not listed on their list of approved color additives. Consumers have expressed confusion over this, as it is obvious that there is glitter in many cosmetics currently on the market. Professional makeup artist brandssuch as MAC Cosmetics and Illamasqua; as well as a quick Sephora search (Bobbi Brown, Butter London, Ciaté, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Julep, LORAC, Make Up For Ever, Nails Inc, NARS, OCC Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Sephora Collection, Stila, Too Faced, Urban Decay) yield many products from eyeshadow to nail polish containing glitter. There are no known reports of harm caused by glitter; and it is approved for cosmetic use in other countries. The FDA has not called cosmetic-grade PET microfine glitter, a staple in cosmetic manufacturing, unsafe. Please use at your own discretion.

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