Host An Orglamix Party

It's you and your friends getting together and having a great time.
The only difference is, everyone walks away with beautiful, healthy skin + makeup.

Pick a Date and Invite Friends

Have Fun

Enjoy Your Hostess Rewards

Familiar faces at a familiar place,
whenever you want it. Your Facebook page is a great place to start!
Sit back, relax, and let the healthy beauty roll in. It's the party that keeps
on giving.

We Plan, So You Can Party

When you host an Orglamix party, we will help plan everything to the last detail, so you can stick to having fun.

Your Party, Your Friends

Orglamix parties aren't awkward get-togethers with total strangers. They're the perfect chance for you and your best friends to laugh and connect over a healthier kind of beauty.

Let's Get This Party Started

Party Setup 1: Pre Party Setup
Open a facebook group. Go to “Home” on your facebook. On the left side, click “groups”. There will then be a green button on the top right that says “Create Group”. You will be prompted to make it open, closed, or secret. If you leave a party open, your posts to come up on newsfeeds of your friends. 

Note: You can also run a party as an event or directly on your Facebook page. Go to events, click “create an event”, and do it that way. People have had successful events and groups. For an event, people must “join” and in groups they are automatically added by you, the hostess. Tip, in events you must change the date every day so that it pops up on someone’s calendar. 

Party Setup 2: Party Preparation

You are the hostess!  I’m so excited to get your party started!! Here are some tips I’ve learned about hosting parties:

#1, The hostess sets the bar!
Post info and things on your party page about Orglamix. But that doesn’t do us any good at all if your friends don’t see it! So how can you get them to be involved? You! Your friends care what YOU think. If you have tried Orglamix, they want to see YOUR pictures and hear YOUR experience. Also, because of how Facebook works, your friends probably won’t even see it until YOUR friends “like” and comment on it. The more the merrier! The best parties (most fun, most sales, most rewards for you) are the ones where the hostess and guests are interacting. So post away! If you will “like” and comment on everything, that’s the first step for a successful party.

#2, Personal invitations. I don’t know about you, but I get a dozen group invites a month. Easily. Most of them don’t catch my eye. UNLESS one of my friends invites me to something and sends me a PM that says something like “Hey Cheri, I just invited you to this event I’m having online. This makeup is SO amazing and I invited you because I thought you might be interested! Even if you’re not, we’re going to be playing games and having give-aways so you can just join in for that! I hope you’ll join us!” It would take just a few minutes, but the result is HUGE.

#3, Tag! You can find images on our website, Instagram or Pinterest. Have fun with it. Create interesting collages that will appear to your friends + family. Posting one or two a day and tagging some friends that you think might like it is always a good way to make sure they see the party and the fact that something fun is happening.

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Let’s get this party started!!