What Makes Orglamix Different?

All mineral makeup and mineral cosmetics are not created equally. The majority of mineral makeup and mineral cosmetics on the market are loaded with synthetic preservatives like parabens, dyes and fillers which may be harmful to your skin and health. Orglamix is different. Orglamix mineral makeup + skincare products are free from harmful ingredients: synthetic dyes, parabens,  sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, preservatives and free irritants like bismuth oxychloride. We encourage buyers to pay attention to the actual ingredients and read labels. Experience the Orglamix difference: zero synthetic ingredients.

We are dedicated to making cosmetics; skin care and body care healthy and effective while contributing to the wellbeing of our community and providing much-needed meals to great kids around the world through our partnerships.
Artisan Crafted
Orglamix began as a small mineral cosmetics brand; is quickly becoming a leading natural cosmetic, small batch manufacturer that excels in micromanufacturing. Orglamix proudly offers cosmetics that instantly improve your complexion while nourishing the skin, and being appropriate for even the most hyper-sensitive skin types. Orglamix range of foundations, blushes, bronzers and eyeshadows rock.  A growing skin care line is our latest innovation, each product delivering the beneficial power of 100% active natural ingredients to the skin. Orglamix mineral makeup is handmade in the USA.

Mineral Benefits
All of our products deliver the wide-ranging benefits of minerals. Whether instantly perfecting your complexion with the ease of our triple milled minerals or the revitalizing skin benefits of various minerals. We make it healthy and easy.

Formula Purity
We believe healthy cosmetics are a right, not a privilege. Not only do we choose the most natural and the safest ingredients, but we carefully select the source of those ingredients to ensure the purest product of the highest quality. This means triple jet milled, pharmaceutical grade minerals and pigments, as well as botanicals, antioxidants and certified organic ingredients whenever possible.
Expression in Color
Live colorfully! Each Orglamix shade is distinctively created with a unique story and personality to suit every mood, attitude and style. Our creative palette knows no bounds, ranging from classic to avant-garde, and subtle to unconditionally spectacular. Professionals, celebrities, and makeup junkies swoon for our wide array of shades and finishes to suit every mood: sparkle, shimmer, duo chrome or un-sparkly satin. Orglamix mineral makeup is available in over 150 + exclusive colors -- any color that exists in the universe -- for a color palette that's unmatched.

Quality or Value
What’s more important, quality or value? Orglamix believes both– and that’s exactly what you’ll get with every Orglamix product: the highest quality and the greatest value compared to mega beauty brands.
Cruelty Free
Created with a conscience, Orglamix has never participated in the activity of animal testing on our ingredients and or finished products, nor do we do business with any supply chain that participated in the act of animal testing.  We are fully committed to our No Animal Testing Policy, to honor this commitment we have signed with PETA. Our journey with them requires our supply chain of ingredient purchases to have signed affidavits stating that they will not conduct animal testing at any time.

Why choose Orglamix?

  • We aim to amaze every customer every time
  • Superior quality wearable, natural and earth-friendly mineral makeup for hypersensitive skin
  • All natural, cruelty-free + vegan friendly mineral makeup that's PETA certified
  • Everyday affordable prices so you can feel good about splurging
  • Largest and most diverse color selection + natural, eco-friendly beauty products
  • Our mineral makeup is made from scratch, by hand, and in small batches to ensure freshness
  • You will be supporting a work-at-home mom business
  • We've banned 1500 toxic chemicals from our makeup. We're dedicated to making the best formulas that won’t harm you in the long run.

Happiness, Guaranteed.
We guarantee you will love Orglamix, or your money back. It’s that simple.  How many times have you wasted time and money at the cosmetic counter? Unfortunately, we've all been there, done that. Things are different at Orglamix. We want you to love your purchase. You can try new colors, new formulas, and new products risk-free...so go ahead and buy that shade you've never worn before. It may be exactly what you've been looking for.

Orglamix Love
We would surely have failed by now were it not for the support of our amazing fans: makeup artists, bloggers and moms everywhere who share our love of 100% pure minerals, innovative shades, finishes AND fun.  Our online reviews are off the charts; if we don’t get five stars, we just about cry.

Thankfully, makeup junkies review our products more often and with more fervor than many of our competitors – you should see the amazing comments! Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  We love our blogger friends -- they’re like beauty editors, rabid cosmetics fans and makeup artists all in one.

Orglamix Believes
♥  Look Good + Do Good + Feel Good = Orglamix
♥  We want to add beauty to your life and share beauty with our community.
♥  Six deep breaths a day can improve your life.
♥  We are all beautiful inside and out.
♥  It's important to speak your mind from your heart.
♥  A good laugh should be an essential ingredient to your day.