Our Mission

We get great joy out of designing irresistible makeup, skincare + fragrances. And yet, cosmetics are just the tangible expression of something much greater we are creating.  

We are dedicated to making cosmetics; skin care and body care healthy and effective while contributing to the well being of our community and providing much-needed meals + education to great kids around the world through our partnerships.

Not too long ago, Orglamix was on a roll. Business was good. Sales were brisk. I was working 80+ hours a week, seven days a week. At the time my girls were little and my husband was working in another state. Things were hectic, but good.  Or so I thought. Everything I was working for was now coming to fruition, yet I was starting to feel empty inside. So I stopped. I reflected. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my work, I started this company for the freedom to spend more time with my family and give my kids a good life-- to me that means lots of love, healthy food to eat and a good education- something every mom wishes for their children.  

I thought about about life and my legacy. I want to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to help people and make a difference in this world. But how? I'm just one person. Immediatly I was overwhelmed and overcome with fear. Then I remembered the words of Mother Theresa, "If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. " I can do that. We all can. 

This year,
I'm proud to announce Orglamix is committed to making a difference. Together we're going to build a school in Africa. We're going to donate much-needed meals to those in need. Please join me and let's make a difference together

~Tom Brokaw

Orglamix Believes:
♥  Look Good + Do Good + Feel Good = Orglamix
♥  We want to add beauty to your life and share beauty with our community.
♥  Six deep breaths a day can improve your life.
♥  We are all beautiful inside and out.
♥  It's important to speak your mind from your heart.
♥  A good laugh should be an essential ingredient to your day.