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Attention all beauty bloggers & vloggers!
Want some FREE Orglamix goodies?

We'd love for all of you awesome beauty bloggers & vloggers (and IGers of course) to swatch and review Orglamix cosmetics!

All you have to do is fill out the form below and confirm your email address to be entered into our review database. International friends, feel free to sign up as well!

Every week we're planning to send a random handful of you 2 or 3 products for FREE! All we ask for in return is a totally honest review on your blog or vlog that includes a link back to our shop at If you love the makeup, please share it with your audience and tell them why! If you hate it (gasp), please do the same. 

We'll be using your reviews, both good and bad, to try to make a better product for everyone to enjoy. We are picking people at random every week. You don't have to have a huge following to be picked but you do have to have some activity on your blog (posts, followers, comments).  If you don't get picked the first time, please don't get discouraged. There is plenty of Orglamix goodness to go around!

Please do not submit a blog or vlog that isn't yours! Before sending out any packages, we will be contacting you through your site for verification. xo

Thanks everyone!!
- Cheri

* If you don't get the email within a few minutes, it's probably in your spam folder! *

By signing up to this list, you acknowledge that you're giving Orglamix full permission to use any of the product review photos or content that you publish with Orglamix products. In other words, you're good with us quoting you or using your review photos for things like ads, Facebook posts, etc.  We will ALWAYS try + give credit to you for your photos and swatches whenever possible.

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