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Etsy Reviews

On another note, I am extremely pleased with your products and with my last order, found an ideal foundation colour for myself which I will now order in the large size. So Thank You! You converted me from Bare Minerals! Also, I have never seen such beautiful colours of eye shadow. Awesome job!
---------------- Jan {MaxtersHeart}

I got my stuff on Wednesday! Thank you, you picked out some awesome colors. I love how everything feels and the colors are amazing. I love it all. Thanks!

---------------- Cassie {sliverofdoom}

I would really like to reorder some foundation. I had originally bought make up from you in October and I really liked it!!  However, thinking I would check out some other mineral companies on Etsy purchased some from other companies. While they were pure, they did either did not cover nearly as well or made my skin feel really dry and tight and accentuated fine lines! NOT what I want! I really should have stuck with my gut instinct and stayed with you!

---------------- Erica {clansteffen}

I love all your suggestions! I ended up with Frosting on Taupe and Roselle. I would love to get Patchouli when it is back in stock. I want to try out the foundation before I get the glow, though I am sure I will love it as it has gotten great reviews! Stay awesome :)

---------------- {CalioJewelry}

The absolutely fabulous items I purchased from you arrived today and I must say, that I fell in love with your products right away! They're awesome and the colors are amazing!

 ---------------- Kati {Riepu}

You have become the only person I buy from on Etsy. 11 orders in under 2 months. I am absolutely obsessed with Orglamix now. Cant go a few days without ordering more :) Thanks for making such an awesome product!
----------------  Amber {KikisKlippies}

Got my order this week and I LOVE the eye shadows! My mom and I will be trying out the foundation, so I'll let you know how the colors work out.

THANK YOU for the upgrade on the foundation size -- SO nice of you! Also, you included an extra eye shadow in the bag...was that a mistake, or were you just being awesome?! :)

Thanks again! I will recommend to my friends!
----------------  Sarah {classs26}