Does Mineral Makeup Have an Expiration Date?

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Does Mineral Makeup Have an Expiration Date?

Does mineral makeup have an expiration date?
All mineral makeup formulas and ingredients vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, the shelf life and expiration date should be assessed on an individual basis. Please keep in mind; what goes for one company may not be the same for another.

Orglamix mineral makeup is made from inorganic ingredients that contain inert minerals that cannot support microbial growth. Our 100% natural, loose mineral makeup contains no moisture, preservatives, fillers or synthetic dyes, pure compositions where bacteria cannot form and thrive.

So, Orglamix mineral makeup will last forever.
It’s quite possible. We have numerous customers that are using Orglamix products that are several years old; and still look gorgeous. Since application varies from person-to-person; as does exposure to moisture, air and light it’s important to keep in mind your personal potential for contamination.

Contamination can happen during application
Although your product may be free from bacteria, your application brush can be contaminated. Which is why in addition to washing the brush frequently, you should try to avoid dipping used makeup brushes directly into your main container of mineral makeup.

Contamination can happen during storage
Moisture, air and light are three factors which can deteriorate a formula. Therefore, we suggest a PAO (period after opening) depending on the composition. This informs our customers of the best efficacy, the best potency and the safety timeline once the product is opened.  

Unopened mineral makeup can last indefinitely when stored properly: no moisture, no air and no light, and no humidity. We suggest opened mineral makeup be used within 24 months, depending on usage and application frequency. Remember, fresh is best! In comparison, traditional makeup supports the growth of bacteria and must be discarded after 6 months.

Traditional Makeup Expiration Guideline: — beginning from the time you first open these products, really depends more on the formula vs the product

  • Loose powders: up to 24 months
  • Cream formulas: 12 to 18 months
  • Liquid formulas (foundation, serum): 12 months
  • Mascara & eyeliners: 3 months
  • Makeup brushes: Clean weekly using a mild detergent
  • Makeup sponges: Replace weekly, or when sponge becomes soiled

Tips for keeping your skin clean, your makeup fresh & extending the life of your makeup:

— Look at your cosmetics; if there are any changes in color and texture, dispose of the product immediately.

— Smell your cosmetics; if they have an unusual odor, they may contain bacteria and should be discarded.

— Always make sure that products are closed tight and stored out of sunlight, air and moisture as these can deteriorate the formula.


— Don't use any eye products if you currently have an eye infection.


— Never add any liquids to products unless directed by the manufacturer.

— Avoid sampling makeup at department stores when possible. If you do test, never apply directly from the makeup. Instead, use a clean, disposable applicator (i.e., cotton swab, sponge) to apply cosmetics.

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