Color Crash Course: Red Eyeshadow

February 01, 2014 0 Comments

Red Eyeshadow

A standout on recent runways, this bold, versatile shade signals strength, self-assurance and sex appeal. Get ready to stop traffic with red eyeshadow! Makeup Artists at shows from Versace to Cynthia Rowley were seeing red. Take the crimson route for a sultry, of-the-moment alternative to the classic charcoal smoky eye. Just be sure to lay it on thick, because pinkeye? Not so hot.

Why we love red eyeshadow

It's no accident that fire engines and siren lights are red: This color definitely gets you noticed. Still the vibrant classic never makes it seem like you're trying too hard.

Color Crash Course: Red Eyeshadow

How to wear red eyeshadow

For maximum impact, go monochromatic, as seen at Valentino.  Or for a look that's equally striking (though a bit less bright), take a cue from Nina Ricci and wear the potent primary as a smoky eye. 

Red eyeshadow works well with...

Red eyeshadow works well with equally intense shades like yellow and blue. When mixed with Honey the gold accent echos red's warmth. When mixed with Blueberry, the navy adds a sophisticated contrast. White is another option, though you'll want to ground your face with a third hue to avoid looking like a candy cane.  For a more unexpected combo, try something from the same color family, such as oxblood

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