10 Reasons You Should Take Detox Baths

May 01, 2015 0 Comments

10 Reasons You Should Take Detox Baths

Happy hump day! It's been an exciting month for Orglamix! I'm working with Total Beauty and today we're launching on Gloss 48, so it's been slightly nutso these past few weeks. I feel like I’m playing catch up with laundry, housework, organizing and running a business.

One thing that I have tried to focus on over the past few weeks, is taking detox baths.  Normally, I try to take a detox bath once or twice a week and I give them to my girls too. Detox baths are amazing for health and wellness. If you don’t take detox baths, then check out my list of 10 reasons to do it and I’m sure you’ll want to hop in the tub tonight!

10 Reasons You Should Take Detox Baths

1.  Eliminate toxins from the body.

2. Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps.

3. Restore mineral balance in the body.

4. Improve oxygenation of cells.

5. Prevent or ease headaches.

6. Improve sleep. {A detox bath before bed is a fabulous way to wind down!}

7. Ease stress and relaxes. {I need all of this I can get!}

8. Improve heart and circulatory health.

9. Boost immunity because of the detox action!

10. Speed recovery from illness.

A detox bath is a gift I give my body. Taking the time to do it is so worthwhile! If you're wondering “How do I do a detox bath?” I’ve gotcha covered…


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