Chamomile: Mind, Body + Spirit

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Native to Europe and the Mediterranean, the chamomile plant is aromatic, with a scent of apples, a characteristic noted by the Greeks, hence the name, Ground-Apple, or kamai: meaning on the ground and melon meaning, an apple.  The Egyptians reverenced it for its virtues, and from their belief in its power to cure ague, dedicated it to their gods. Its flowers were made into garlands worn by statues of deities in King Tut's tomb.

Chamomile is used to attract money, and a handwash of the infusion is sometimes used by gamblers to ensure winnings. The infusion is added to the bath to attract love. When Chamomile is sprinkled around the property, it removes curses and spells cast against you.

The flower symbolism associated with the chamomile flower is energy in action. The extract of chamomile is taken as a strong tea. It has been used in herbal medicine as a a digestive aid and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used in ointments and lotions, and as a mouthwash against infections of mouth and gums.

During the different seasons floral waters are perfect to use as a rejuvenating body mist and to help boost your energy levels when your vitality is waning. Chamomile is known worldwide to be a calming sleep aid, a remedy to ease an upset stomach, and for its wonderful anti-inflammatory.
  • Mind: Best known for its ability to calm and ease the overly anxious. This floral water is an excellent stress buster.

  • Body: Use for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, as a compress for migraines or as a toner for oily or acne prone skin. Suitable for sensitive, inflamed, itchy or dry flaky skin. Chamomile water prevents against moisture loss, relieves the irritation and calms after sunburn. Skin problems consisting of the mucus membranes, including mouth, gums, nose, lips, eyelids, ears, respiratory tract and anal and genital areas may safely be treated with this gentle and relaxing anti-inflammatory. Relieves hemorrhoids.

  • Spirit: An excellent spray to create a peaceful mind so that one can hear their inner knowledge..
Chamomile water is recommended for compresses to relieve red, tired or puffy eyes and for freshening the complexion or for rinsing of fair hair. Use as a make-up remover. Its remarkable sedative properties make it a wonderful addition as a baby’s room spritzer or add to a baby’s bathwater. Use for calming diaper rash as a natural baby wipe.

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