7 Essential Makeup Brushes

October 21, 2015 0 Comments

Makeup brushes are not one-size-fits all. Navigating the beauty world is not always easy, especially when it comes to makeup brushes. How do you know which is best for applying eyeshadow or eyeliner, and can you use the same brush for blush and foundation? And most importantly: How many makeup brushes do you really need? 

In our search for no BS and real facts, we consulted with beauty editors, makeup artists and moms-alike to find out which are the best essential makeup brushes for beginners.  

While, it really depends on how much makeup you wear but, really, many women only need about seven makeup brushes on a daily basis. Without further ado, here are the beauty tools you need to put your best face forward, day or night.

Essential Makeup Brushes: 

Powder Brush
The first weapon in your beauty arsenal is a good foundation brush. This versatile tool works for translucent powder, blush, and bronzer (if you're willing to clean it frequently). Look for one that is nice and fluffy, with long, soft bristles. Powder brushes don't waste product, and you can build coverage more easily.

Camouflage Brush
The perfect compliment to concealer. Cover up smaller troublesome areas such as blemishes, redness around your nose or the discoloration underneath your eyes. Using this brush allows for the perfect concealer application every time.

Blush Brush
This brush distributes color beautifully to achieve a natural looking blush with minimal effort. Ideal for highlighting, contouring, and blending so you can create defined contours for added depth, or simply enhance your natural bone structure. With the use of light and dark makeup shades, this set gives you the flexibility to transform your look. Buying a blush brush that's slanted or angled will keep application a breeze. 

Eyeshadow Brush
It’s time you graduated from finger painting. Aka fluffy eyeshadow brush, the texture and size of this brush is perfect for blending shadow into the crease of your eyes or across your eyelids.

Crease Brush
The brush below will work for the sultry, smoky look, or for adding extra definition to the eye area. But once your have a Crease Brush in your makeup brush aresenal, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Trust us. It's the ultimate eye shadow tool for controlled blending and exceptional color diffusion. This brush is ideal for applying transitional colors and achieving an airbrushed smoky effect. Apply and softly blend all over the eyelids, or focus on creases for infinite blurring effects.

Slanted Angle Brush
Like definition? You'll want to use a smaller, slanted angle brush to get it. These brushes have shorter, firmer bristles that makes it easy for getting into the crease of the eye to define looks, day or night. You can also use the flat angled side to add shadow to liner and get a more smudgy look, add definition to brows or . apply cream or gel liner.

Pointed Liner Brush
The pointed liner brush will allow you to create expert results with precision and ease. We've also found it's the perfect texture and shape for applying lipstick and gloss. Because it is a synthetic fiber brush, cleaning off the lipstick is much easier. Score. 

Expertly applied makeup doesn't require the skills of a Picasso or a museum size arsenal of brushes.  All you need are seven brushes to take all the guesswork off your hand-- er fingers.  

Now that you've the makeup brush essentials down; here are a few tip + tricks to clean, organize, and tidy up your makeup brushes.

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