7 Makeup Tips So You Look Incredible In Pictures

April 28, 2017 0 Comments

7 Makeup Tips So You Look Incredible In Pictures

In real life makeup rarely, if ever, translates to pictures. Here are our best tips so you'll look incredible in pictures. 

1. Start with super hydrated skin. Use a non greasy, lightweight moisturizer that will plump up your skin and keep it really hydrated. Hyaluronic Acid Serum works well under makeup. Not only does it plump skin , but will continue to pull moisture from the air and hydrate skin all day.

2. Next up: foundation and concealer. Wear a matte finish foundation so your face doesn’t look oily under the hot lights or camera flashes.  For the most part, you are probably going to want more of a fuller coverage foundation, along with using concealer.

3. Finishing powder. Orglamix HD Microfinish is a versatile, translucent pressed finishing powder to set makeup, reduce shine, and mattify skin. This powder is designed to be used with high-definition camera technology but is also perfect for everyday wear. 

4. Apply more makeup than you wear on a daily basis, as cameras wash out 35% color. This means you’ll probably need to apply more blush, lips and brows than you think you need. Take a selfie with your phone to make sure your makeup stands out.  If your makeup looks a bit too dramatic for everyday, then it’s perfect for camera.

5. Skip the shimmer, metallic and glitter. These types of products can reflect light too much, or make your skin look really shiny. If you use any luminizing products, make sure it’s really subtle, and only highlight your features a little. Add a subtle luminzer in the inner corners of the eyes, top of the cheekbones, and cupid’s bow.

6.  Define your eyes. To get eyes that pop in photos, make sure you use eyeliner on the top of your lashes, and on the bottom lashes too, or at least define under neath with a medium tone eyeshadow. Contour the crease of your eye socket with a medium toned shadow, and blend out the edges really well with a large fluffy eye shadow brush. And don’t forget lots of mascara, at least 2 coats. 

7. If it's going to be a long day, use a setting spray to make your makeup last through the last photo. You can also use a translucent powder and blotting papers for touch ups for shine.

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