Gemstone Meanings + Properties

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Gemstone Meanings + Properties
When we were in the planning stage for the crystal themed August Beauty Box, we knew we had to include some actual semi-precious jewels. We sourced these apothecary crystal vials. Don't let their tiny size fool you, each mini cork top glass vial is filled to the brim and easily fits into your purse or hand bag for on-the-go vibrations.

From cell phones to satellites, crystals are critical elements of practically every tech item in the modern world. Their extraordinary ability to store, transmit, and transform energy is equally critical in the pursuit of 
wellness, health, and deep spirituality. 

We've researched crystal traditions across cultures and history. Here, we break down the major benefits (from relaxation to enhanced connection and serious empowerment) of fifty significant crystals.

Which stone did you get in your Orglamix Beauty Box? Comment below.

Alabaster is a "drawing" stone meaning it has the ability to draw things to you or to draw things away from you, depending on what your needs are. It works wonderfully for drawing things of the Spirit to you.

Truth. Harmony. Peace. Amazonite helps with speaking your truth and resolving conflict. 

Calms the mind. Brings peace and tranquility. Assists in meditation. Protects against negative energies.  Expands knowledge and truth while easing sorrow and anger. 

Apatite is a dual-action stone, known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals. It clears away confusion, apathy or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good. 

Peace. Communication. Empowerment. 
 It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go. In ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection. It was also considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness.

Enhancing inner vision, dreams, and psychic powers. It helps with learning concepts, and ideas–anything related to insight, the mind, understanding, making connections, and seeing possibilities.

Black Rutilated
Black Rutilated Quartz is a gemstone with a meaning and properties of letting the owner grow. People have believed for its power to arouse talents. The holy energy of Black Rutilated Quartz can purify your soul.

Blue Aventurine
Blue Aventurine combines the elements of water and wind in a lovely and gentle stone that resonates with your heart and mind. It will work calmly, steadily, and rationally. It's a stone that will enhance your self-discipline and inner strength, and it will help you make clear decisions and stand by them.

Imagination. Clarity. Manifestation. Citrine helps with envisioning your goals and pursuing them. Strengthens vision and willpower. 

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.

Dalmatian Jasper
A beautiful be-speckled  quartz stone with spots of brown and black. This  stone aids in breaking down barriers that you have created as protection around yourself. 

Clarity. Focus. Order. Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress. Increases concentration and self-confidence. Encourages positivity.

Fujurokuju Crystals
Happiness. Prosperity. Longevity. These stones can help you attract money into your life, improve business and manifest better finances.

Encourages higher thinking and self-empowerment. Garnet is a stone of strength and safety, prosperity and abundance, encouraging gratitude and service to others. Associated with the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, Garnet is a deeply spiritual stone.

Gold Rutilated
stone graced by the golden locks of angels, Gold Rutilated quartz crystal is said to have powerful cleansing and purifying effects. It's perfect to clean and recharge all chakras. It's  an effective antidepressant because it heals emotional wounds, clearing the way to a spiritual awakening.

Gray Moonstone
Gray Moonstone heals fatigue or hurt feelings. This gemstone is also good to use when you want generosity to love people. Gray Moonstone has soothing properties. It protects the traveler from hidden perils.

Green Aventurine
Green aventurine has a reputation for bringing opportunity. .A healing stone said to benefit the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart. Loosens and releases negative energy. Increases intelligence, perception, and creativity.

Green Rutilated
Release your energy. Green Rutilated Quartz is a gemstone that protects your mind. It has meaning and properties to fill your mind with strong energy and protect you from negative energy.

Also known as turquoise. Truth. Self acceptance. Like most blue gemstones, turquoise activates the throat chakra, helping us speak our wisdom and truth. It helps with embracing the self, flaws and all. Serenity.

Transforming enegry. Shifting stuck patterns, resolving conflict. Kyanite is a stone that enables communication. It's powerful for psychic work. Promotes lucid dreams. 

Lapis Lazuli
Vision. Truth. Awareness. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in history. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.It promotes deep self knowledge and discerning inner truth. Exploring past lives. Developing intuition.

Protection. leadership. Confidence. Malachite is a protection stone, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. It guards against radiation of all kinds, clears electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies

Intuition. Inner Work. Patience. The meaning of moonstone is in its energy; a mysterious, deeply feminine power that knows how to heal and find hidden truth. It is the stone of the mother moon, deep healing waters, and sacred feminine energies. It enhances intuition.

It brings healing, compassion, assurance and promise. With its gentle pink energy, Morganite attunes to the heart and the Heart Chakra. It cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas, and enkindles lightness within the spirit, as if a burden has been lifted.

Moss Agate
Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings. Refreshes the soul and enables you to see beauty in all you behold. Moss Agate reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants. It attracts abundance in wealth and improves self-esteem.

Protection. Purification. Grounding. 
Obsidian is an earth-stone, activating the root chakra and grounding you in your connection to the Earth. It clears the aura of negative energy, and can also be used for scrying.

Lightens jealousy, resentment and spite. It reduces anxiety and irritation. Peridot in its basic form, Olivine, was has been found in comet dust, has been discovered on the moon, and was detected by instrument on Mars. Ancients believed, quite accurately, that Peridot was ejected to Earth by a sun’s explosion and carries its healing power. 

Releasing Attachments. Emotional Amplification. Opal helps you become more open minded to situations. It will aid you in accepting and appreciating yourself and others just as you are. White opal enhances your communication skills and encourages companionship with others.

Prehnite is considered a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer. It enhances precognition and inner knowing. Prehnite alleviates nightmares, phobias and deep fears, uncovering and healing the disease that creates them. It is a stone for dreaming and remembering.

Red Aventurine
Red Aventurine is stone of manifesting your desires through doing. It draws upon the elements of fire and earth to increase the flow of your life force and revitalize the energies in your body to get things done. It will boost your physical vitality and your mental capacities to focus your energies and get things done.

Red Moonstone
Moonstones have always been prized for helping with matters of the heart, and are a distinct water and feminine stone. Red Moonstone brings in loving healing energies. Helps us to remember our true nature. 

Red Silk Jade
Red Jade is the chi stone, bringing forward the energy of the warrior. It is a talisman of individual power and will, dispelling the fear, worry and doubt that holds one back, and urges one to take action. It is a stone of physical vitality, strength and passion.

Spiritual Energy. Rhodochrosite is a remarkable stone for enhancing spirituality and attuning to one's higher self. Worn in jewelry or carried, used in meditation or crystal healing layouts, it expands one's consciousness, channeling spiritual awareness into the physical body to be manifested.

Rose Quartz

The stone of universal love. Restores trust and harmony. Opens the heart to promote inner healing and peace.
Rose Quartz
 is helpful to overcome heartbreak and betrayal, while learning to trust again. 

Ruby Zoisite
This stone offers the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth. It stimulates the heart and helps one to open to divine love. Ruby Zoisite helps to alleviate grief, anger, despair and defeat, and it is a powerful stone for deep healing by activating the body's defences and healing mechanisms.

Southern Red Agate
Red Agate is a protection stone. This stone shields the wearer from negative energies and helps get rid of fear and anxiety.

Strawberry Quartz
Soothing. Calming. Strawberry Quartz is a great facilitator of gaining hidden knowledge. 

Sugilite energy flows through the body, providing an amazing flow of chi, wisdom and spiritual love. Sugilite meditation is especially good for emotional, spiritual and physical healing, providing peace, harmony and balance.

Sunstone brings a flood of light into dark corners of the mind, making it an excellent healing aid for clearing away negative thought patterns. ... Bring an instant ray of sunshine into your life when you incorporate the Sunstone crystal stone meaning into your daily meditation practice.

Tiger's Eye
This is a powerful stone that helps you to release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions.

Manifesting. Clarity. Magnification. Topaz is a symbol of love and affection, and has been said to be an aid to ones sweetness and disposition.

Joy. Balance. Spirit. Tourmaline has a strong calming effect that will offer relief from stress. Tourmaline provides protection against destructive energies and bad vibrations. It promotes kindness and tolerance. It’s a stone that will help strengthen your spirit. It will ground you and help you conquer your fears and face situations that will challenge you.
White Opal
Believe to counteract bad effects. Brings prosperity, beauty, love, and romance. Enhances joy.

White Turquoise
While much rarer than its bluer counterpart, White Turquoise and its blue green sister have very similar energetic properties. This gemstone is a most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. It is a protective stone and has been used for amulets for many years.Labradorite - Useful through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies.

Yellow Silk Jade
Reduces the negative and enhances the positive.  Enhances self-acceptance, self-esteem, and trust in one's own judgement.

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