How to Cover Up Acne With Makeup | Makeup Tutorial

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How to Cover Up Acne With Makeup | Makeup Tutorial

Anyone who's suffered from acne as a teen or adult knows how stressful it can be to always feel like everyone is staring at your skin. If you want to make your pimples and acne scars disappear for the day, this tutorial...

1. Clean start

Make sure your skin is fresh and clean from the start to give your makeup the proper starting surface.

2. Apply primer for acne

Using your fingertips, apply a primer created for acne prone skin onto your skin to ensure the rest of your makeup goes on smooth and stays on all day. We recommend waiting a minute or two before applying foundation, so take this time to decide what lip or eye look you want to do for the day. 

Azelaic Acid is an ingredient recently approved by the FDA, and previously available only by prescription. Orglamix primer is a purifying blend of azelaic and lactic acids with non-abrasive exfoliators to target congested pores, improve the look of redness and sunspots for clearer-looking skin.

3. Apply green concealer to spots in a criss cross motion

Be sure you cover each side of the blemish by applying a color correcting concealer in an "X" pattern. Our mint green concealer is an all-in-one eraser, brightener, and corrector to neutralize redness. It's great for blemishes, broken capillaries, and ideal for skin with rosacea.

4. Blend the concealer

Using the pads of your clean fingers, carefully pat and press your concealer, blending it onto each blemish. Don't rub it, or you could risk streaky results.

5. Cover under eye circles

While waiting for your makeup to "cook" (i.e. set into your skin), apply concealer to any under eye discoloration or darkness you may have. 

6. Blot with tissue

Absorb any excess makeup by lightly pressing a tissue into your skin, allowing you to get as natural finish as possible.

7. Use a maximum coverage foundation brush

While the other steps can be done using fingertips, the maximum coverage brush provides "good coverage and an airbrushed, even finish" when it comes to applying foundation. Tap a bit of foundation onto the lid, drip the brush, tap off excess and swirl on to face, Apply the loose powder foundation in round, light swirling motions so you can get coverage without wiping off the concealer you already applied.

Tip: Start off with a little, then build to avoid going overboard.

8. Set your makeup

After waiting a few more minutes for your makeup to set itself, apply finely-milled loose finishing powder (if you have oily skin) to absorb excess oil and ensure your makeup stays put for the rest of the day. If you have dry to normal skin, feel free to skip this step. Apply HD Microfinish -- it's a high definition finishing powder that reduces the look of pores, absorbs oil, and helps makeup stay put. Using a large fluffy brush, apply your powder in a stippling motion.

9. Oil control finishing spray

Oily skin has met it's match! Use a finishing spray to seal your look for good. Orange flower water is a fab way to fight acne. It's soothing and toning, making it a crazy good skin tonic. Any of our amazing sprays help makeup stay put, controls oil, and deflects surface shine. 

A blend of 100% natural ingredients, it provides a fresh and energizing aroma. The natural polymers help to set makeup by stopping oil migration, which results in a more radiant appearance throughout the day.

Unlike similar products on the market that feel sticky or tight on your skin, the sprayer delivers a microfine mist that goes on so light, you’ll hardly feel it—and once you’ve applied it, you won’t even know it’s there. 

Then, apply the rest of your makeup and you're ready to go!

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