Best Eyeshadow + Eyeliner Options For Brown Eyes

From Lady Gaga to Van Morrison, many a song has been written about the brown eyed girl. Think brown eyes are boring? Think again. Brown is actually the most versatile and easiest eye color to enhance with makeup. Of all the eye colors out there, brown easily goes with the largest variety of shades and colors.

Specifically chosen to enhance brown eyes, this assortment of shadows delivers everything from tried and true classics to smoky and sultry looks. Handpicked by Orglamix pros, here are the best shades or eyeshadow + eyeliner for brown eyes. Tried + True Shades for Brown Eyes: Copper and bronze, champagne, brown, beige, and khaki-green, silver, white. Fun Favorites for Brown Eyes: Tangerine, royal blue, hot pink, lime-green.  Find the best selection of 100% pure, all natural mineral eyeshadow + eyeliner options for brown eyes at Orglamix.