Best Eyeshadow + Eyeliner Options For Hazel Eyes

The description of hazel eyes varies; while some say hazel eyes are a golden green, others say the eye color is more of a brown with a touch of gold or even mysterious gray. Hazel is a unique eye color with individual color nuances that can vary dramatically. Either way, the effects are  mesmerizing. Looking for the perfect eye makeup for hazel eyes? You're in the right place! After all, eyes are the windows to one's soul.

Specifically chosen to enhance hazel eyes, this assortment of shadows delivers everything from classic to smoky and sultry looks. Handpicked by Orglamix pros to play up hazel eyes, here are the best shades of eyeshadow + eyeliner for hazel eyes. Tried + True Shades for Hazel Eyes: shades of brown, pink, cream, beige, and taupe are also foolproof neutrals for hazel eyes. Fun Favorites for Hazel Eyes: deep pinks and reds, shimmering golds, silver, black and purple. Find the best selection of 100% pure, all natural mineral eyeshadow + eyeliner options for hazel eyes at Orglamix.