The Vampire Diaries

The supernatural drama is one of the longest running shows on the CW network and harkens back to an era when vampires were everywhere. Regardless, all good things must come to an end, and with the impending 'The Vampire Diaries' Series finale tonight, we'd thought we'd celebrate with a few of our vampire inspired beauty favorites. 

Nina Dobrev of “The Vampire Diaries” tells us her secret to covering dark circles. 

What are some of your makeup must-haves?
ND: Makeup-wise I always have makeup wipes in my bag at all times, and I love moisturizer, I’ve been using it a lot. I’m a groggy person in the morning and it definitely does something for me! For makeup, this little illuminator and bronzer and it’s just amazing. And mascara, I always wear mascara. I like to layer the brown and black mascara over each other.

Do you have any beauty tricks you’ve learned from being on set?
ND: Yes! A little highlight underneath the brow, cheekbones and believe it or not right on the top of the lip and it helps to frame the face – that’s what they tell me, I don’t know if it’s true! And I’m always finding my cheekbones to apply blush along my cheekbones. For hair, to keep it healthy, I use masks, and not heat styling it if you don’t need to – if you can, go to a braid bar and keep a braid in it instead of using curling irons.

What products do you keep in your bag at all times? 
ND: I have travel size of everything – I have this concealer– it doesn’t move, it really covers well – I’m a vampire, I work long hours and I don’t sleep a lot, and it really covers dark circles and it doesn’t move.

You play two very different characters on “The Vampire Diaries,” with two very different beauty looks – who do you relate to more?
ND: Probably Elena’s, because when I’m not working I wear very little makeup, maybe a little mascara, and she’s more relaxed – but I do wear makeup to create a character, and with Katherine she’s so much more dramatic and over the top, and she cares more and is a bit more selfish and more dramatic.

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