Mind, Body + Spirit: Lavender

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Mind, Body + Spirit: Lavender
One of the oldest known herbs, lavender is prized for its fragrance, color and beauty. It is one of the most popular scents in the world and is widely recognized because of its versatility. The name lavender comes from the Latin lavare, "to wash," since it was often used in bath and laundry waters. Its calming and soothing properties make it unique. A symbol of cleanliness and virginity, lavender once was used medicinally for sunstroke.

This herb is reputed to be one of the plants most loved by the Virgin Mary, for as it does now, in ancient times it represented purity, cleanliness and virtue. Churches were decorated with lavender on Saint Barnabas Day. L. vera is the "true" lavender of which other lavenders are varieties.

It is helpful for all disorders that trouble the head and spirit, for its scent is calming.
During the different seasons floral waters are perfect to use as a rejuvenating body mist and to help boost your energy levels when your vitality is waning. Lavender is a must-have during frazzled time to clam and soothe the soul. Recommended for baby care as an after bath spray to nurture and protect baby’s delicate skin and gently prepare for a restful nap or a deep night’s sleep.
  • Mind: Mentally and emotionally, Lavender water is relaxing and revitalizing. It can ease anger, frustration and stress.

  • Body: Lavender floral water is gentle and balances pH, which makes it ideal as a toner for every skin type on a regular basis, including acne.

  • Spirit: Influences greater intuition and clarity. It helps relieve pain and fears of the mind as Lavender is a relaxing and balancing on multi-dimensions. Helpful with breaking bad habits.

Lavender is a heat buster for both hot sunny days and for relieving menopause symptoms (hot flash buster!). This floral water is soothing for sunburns, itchy skin and sunstroke. It is a gentle antiseptic and helps to calm insect bites as well as being suitable for all skin types and skin problems such as eczema, razor burn, cuts, fungal infections and athlete’s feet. Known to reduce hyperactivity in children. It’s also nice for calming babies and for diaper maintenance. Use as compress on skin conditions, on the forehead for headaches and stress.

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