Honey is Good For You, Naturally

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Throughout the centuries, legendary beauties have used honey as part of their skin and hair care treatments. Cleopatra was famous for her milk and honey baths, and Poppea, wife of Roman Emperor Nero, used a honey and milk lotion on her face to keep her looking youthful.By the time cosmetics were beginning to be mass produced in the late 1800s, honey was a popular ingredient.
Honey is Good For You, Naturally
Honey is nourishing and moisturizing. Honey is a natural humectant that attracts and retains water, allowing skin to stay moist and hydrated.  Rich in antioxidants, honey can help protect skin from UV rays and other environmental factors.  Honey's antimicrobial properties inhibit the growth of some bacteria.

Where On Earth Does Honey Come From?
The honey bee has been around for millions of years. Honey is a sweet ingredient made by hardworking bees using nectar from flowers.  

We're mixing the super-ingredient Honey in several Orglamix products including: Provencal Honey Wicked Good Lip Balm Elixir + Scrub, Poor Soles Heel Therapy Balm + honey notes in our Crush + Honeysuckle perfumes.

INCI: Honey Powder Mel (Honey) Powder.

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