Modern Mod

May 02, 2013 0 Comments

Factory girls --in spirit-- gather round: The 60's are circling back yet again as thee decade to tap for makeup inspiration. The idea: Pepper over exaggeration -- check out those brows-- with saucy color (glossy, bright coral, anyone?) and a pop of bright white shimmer. "It's youthful and fun", says extraordinaire face painter Tom Pecheux of his cheeky retro revival at Moschino.

Modern Mod Anatomy
What does it take to tackle the newest mod revival? Here are four key steps to perfecting the mod look:

1. Lush Lashes: The spikier, the better
2. Defined Lines: Brighten tear ducts or create a dramatic lid crease.
3. Bold Brows: Extended in length, yet robust at the arch.
4. Lush Lips: Opt for a matte pale pink or glossed up coral.

Images: Courtesy of Véronique Leroy, Moschino, Gucci

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