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Are you a new Orglamix Brand Rep or Brand Ambassador? Here are some great tips to get you started. We will be featuring our favorites each + every month in our secret Facebook group. Shhhh! 

1. Create a Round-up of your favorite products.  
It’s always fun to see what makeup and products other people are using.  Maybe you use a fabulous concealer that makes you look like you've slept 8 hours when you've only slept a few hours.  Is there a product that you can’t live without? 

2. Write a full review of Orglamix.
Share what features of the products you really love.  Share how you’re using it in your day-to-day life.  Share what makes it different from other makeup and what problems it solves for you.  Be honest and share any cons or areas for improvement as well.  An honest, thoughtful review goes much farther than a disingenuous glowing one!

3. Create a video review using Orglamix to share on your own site as well as Youtube.
 (And don’t forget to upload it directly to Facebook too for extra engagement!)  
People just love watching video reviews of physical products.  It’s great to see the product in action and get a sense for how it looks and feels.  Put your lovely face in front of the camera and show off your favorite features of the makeup and what makes the product unique and user-friendly.  Plus, your audience will love getting to know you even better through video.

4. Create a list-type post with a killer Pinterest cover photo.
Do you have 5 eyeliner tips, tricks and looks to try?  What about 10 crazy gorgeous eyeshadow colors your destined to wear this summer? Maybe you’re a strobbing whiz and you can share how you apply luminizer.  Whatever your list of killer tips is, share how the Orglamix helps you achieve your look.

5. Share a lifestyle shot of Orglamix makeup on Instagram.
People love to see snapshots of your life on Insta, but if you can make your makeup bag extra pretty – all the better! You can create a pretty link for Orglamix and put that in your profile on Instagram on the days that you’re promoting it. If you tag us in your photo, we may even share it on our own feed as well! 

6. Email your list a beauty tip, and mention how Orglamix brings it all together.
People love to get a snippet of great advice or encouragement in their inbox.  It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out story, but a great nugget of wisdom can go a long way!  Has Orglamix helped you to set healthy beauty habits and stick with them? 

7. Host a Facebook Pop Up Shop.  
A “pop-up shop” is a short-term, temporary event that is "here today, gone tomorrow". It's a fun way to host a virtual get together with all your friends! The key to a successful pop up shop is to keep it interactive and fun. Pick a date and time and send invites. You can do a small giveaway when you reach a certain number of guests (20 is a good number), and then a "door prize" at the end of the party. Don't forget to share your family + friends discount code. 

8.  Share your story.  
People love to be encouraged by hearing someone else’s story.  Share the ways that Orglamix has helped you. Is your skin clearer? Do you have a radiant, glowing complexion? Paint a before and after picture. By sharing how Orglamix has helped you, others can easily envision how it will help them too. 

9. Update your social media profiles.

Do you have a discount code to share with your followers? If not, request one here. Then update your Instagram -- something like this ---> 

⭐️ Rep @Orglamix (YOUR CODE HERE). 

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Most of all, just be genuine and share your real-life experiences.  You don’t have to sell hard when you have experience, stats, and a personal story to share.  We’re so thrilled that you want to talk about Orglamix, and we can’t wait to see the fun posts.

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