Backstage Beauty Trend We ♥

July 18, 2016 0 Comments

Backstage Beauty Trend We ♥

The backstange beauty trends we ♥ ... and easy ways to re-create them IRL! Read on for a full recap -- and endless inspiration from the fall shows. 

Backstage Beauty Trend We ♥ BLUE EYESHADOW
Blue, on Eyes

Bottom line: Bold blue can work for anyone; just keep the rest of your face simple. Makeup novices, start with liner or mascara, not shadow. 

Backstage Beauty Trend We ♥ MESSED UP EYE MAKEUP

Messed-Up Makeup

Take your basic black eye makeup and smudge it everywhere for evening. A cream that doubles as a shadow and liner makes it easy. This snap from Chanel will make you want to sleep in your eye makeup. 

Backstage Beauty Trend We ♥ TWIST + KNOT HAIR STYLES

Twists & Knots
A simple twist (or two or three) adds interesting details to any second-day hairstyle. Twist, pin, done. And embrace the flyaways! 

Backstage Beauty Trend We ♥ NO COLOR NAILS

No-Color Nails

If you are officallu doen with overly complicated nail art, give these simple black accents a shot. No chip tip: Keep edges polish-free, as at J.JS Lee. 

Backstage Beauty Trend We ♥ BOLD RED LIPS

Bold Red Lips

These looks, from the brightest to the blackest, require two things: percision application (try filling color, then lining the edges) and confidence. Smile!

Backstage Beauty Trend We ♥ COOL, CHOPPY BANGS
Cool, Choppy Bangs

Forget the old rules of finding a fringe for your face shape-- anything goes. Alexander Wang model Katherine Moore is taking fashion week by storm, thanks to hairstylist Guido Palau.


Celestial Sparkle

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Glitter can be grown-up, as evidenced above. The key is imperfect application.

Backstage Beauty Trend We ♥ CURLS YOUR WAY

Curls, Your Way

Whether you're into air-dry moment or glammed up roller curls, please let your curls loose! Beautiful! 

Contouring, storobbing, bakind and more beauty trends -- get the scoop on our blog.

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