Craft Glitter vs. Cosmetic Grade Glitter | The Difference

September 07, 2017 0 Comments

Craft Glitter vs. Cosmetic Grade Glitter | The Difference

Recently there's been a lot of discussion regarding craft glitter vs. cosmetic grade glitter online, so we thought we'd dispel the rumors surrounding the differences. First, all of the gorgeous Orglamix glitters are cosmetic grade. Our most popular size is the .008 x .008, which we believe provides the best coverage and brilliance. This size is also very easy to work with and apply. 

Glitters come in many different materials, cuts and effects. They are prismatic, holographic, iridescent, neon or blacklight activated, shimmering and extremely brilliant. Glitter particles range in size from .008 (200 microns) to .015, .025, .040 hex sizes as well as specialty cuts like stars, hearts and moons, etc. These glitters are known as chunky glitter or festival glitter

The main differences between cosmetic grade glitter and craft glitter are the materials, the cuts and the processing + packaging of the glitter. 

The Materials
Cosmetic glitter is made of special plastic that is non-toxic, even if ingested in small quantities. (Please don't eat glitter)!  It's colored with pigment that is FDA approved rather than dye, so that the color doesn't leach out and stain. Craft glitter can be made from glass, metal, glass or are poly coated dyes, which can filter out when they come in contact with mixing mediums or moisture from your eyes.

The Cuts
Cosmetic glitter is more finely milled than craft glitter. The individual glitter particles are usually cut into a circular shape, helping reduce the risk of scratching. While craft glitters are usually cut at angles, such as hexagons or squares, which can produce sharp edges.

The Processing
There are also cosmetic standards to producing and packing cosmetic glitters as defined by GMP (good manufacturing procedures) which helps insure that the workers packing the product are following proper sanitary conduct, there is no risk of rust from machinery that could possibly get into the glitter, etc.

While we know it can be tempting to purchase craft glitter, please research what you're buying and putting on your skin before you do so. Orglamix loose cosmetic glitter is fun, versatile and gorgeous. It can be used on eyes, body, nails and hair. 

Orglamix carries the largest selection of cosmetic grade glitters available. Our collection of holographic, sparking loose glitter makeup comes in a wide range of colors from brilliant blues to glorious golds to radiant reds. Incredibly versatile, these makeup glitters can be used to add a twinkle to your eyes, a shimmer to your lips or as a highlighter for your face for a glamorous effect. 


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